A Guide to Making Sick Video Edits

by shredpictures on May 20, 2014


Looking for Pointers on How to Make a Video Edit Super Sick ?

Getting ready to blast out some summer edits? nsmb.com breaks down the basic formula for creating a sick edit in this “how to make a video” tutorial. If you look past the sarcastic tone of this guide on how to make a video edit there’s some really practical advice. These guidelines are universal and can be applied to pretty much any extreme sport video. This is a must watch for anyone wanting to know the secrets making the dirtiest of dirty youtube video edits in the skate or bike genre. Even if you’re already a master editor and you know how to make a video edit, it’s definitely still an entertaining watch.

1. Don’t call your video “Film”: The term Film is reserved for those shooting on 35mm, 16mm, super 8 or any emulsion based format. If you don’t know what emulsion is then it’s a pretty safe bet that the correct terminology for you is “Edit”.

2. Select your Subject: Find a friend or friends who ride hard. Lets be honest, no one wants to watch a great edit of somebody who sucks. If you don’t know any good riders, go hang out at the track or skatepark with your camera and start taking some shots. It’s a great way to scout some good talent, don’t forget to be friendly and introduce yourself (otherwise you’re just the creepy guy with the camera). Someone is bound to be interested in working with you.

3. Appropriate Attire: Your subject should be wearing bright colors, not only to look the part but it also makes them pop from the background.

4. Location: Be creative, shoot in places that aren’t obvious. Audiences love seeing locations they haven’t seen a million times before in other edits. Rule of thumb: if you think the cops or security are likely to come and kick you out of a location, then you’re at a good spot. Just hurry and get your shots off quick!

5. What’s in a Name: Use a thesaurus to combine words that you don’t know the definition of but sound sick to create a witty title for your masterpiece.

6. Curtains Up: Gather up some B roll footage of a daily routine for the intro montage. Tip: Shoot it at 60 fps or faster for playback in slow motion to add dramatic effect.

7. The Art of Bullshitting: When making a video using a voice over is optional, but it helps add a story element the edit. Shooting a VO is as easy as having your subject bullshit in front of the camera for 5 – 10 minutes, you’re bound to pick up some interesting sound bites to layover the intro footage.

8. The Portrait: Have your subject sitting or standing in place with their bike or board and film them for a few minutes. Frame them in the shot as if you were taking a portrait, the rule of thirds will come in handy here. A 50mm lens or longer works well for this shot.

9. B Roll: Use a combination of wide, medium, close up, extreme close up, and mega extreme close up from various angles of your subject running, hiking or pushing to the destination. These shots will come in handy for using as filler to “waste time” when your editing and making videos. These same techniques can be used while shooting stunts.

10. Film Burns & Light Leaks: Use film burns by composting them over your timeline at the edit points as transitions. We’re not in 1990 and you’re not George Lucas so what ever you do don’t use the stock wipe effects that came with your editing software. You can download some free film burns here.

11. Music Options: Choose from Dub Step, Miscellaneous Electronic Music,  Classic Led Zeppelin, or a Del Ray Remix. When in doubt, Sail by AWOL Nation is always a safe bet. Epic orchestra music should be saved for your demo reel.

12. Environmental B Roll Footage: Yes, more B-roll is required but technically isn’t your sick edit all B-roll anyway? Be sure to get shots of the environment/location. This helps build a sens of environment your audience can immerse in. If you have the capability and the sky cooperates, shooting a dope cloud time-laps will add huge production value to your edit. Other options include static trees, static trees with fog, slow motion snow falling, rain, and sunflares.

13. The Banger: Every great director needs a cameo. You shot the damn thing, you deserve it. Save this shot in the edit for the end.

14. Create a Production Company & Logo. You have to look legit right?

Hopefully this how to make a video tutorial has given you some ideas on you next masterpiece.


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