GoPro Hero4 Review Silver Edition

by shredpictures on June 8, 2015

HERO4_Silver_squareConsidering buying a Gopro Hero 4, but you’re not sure if it’s right for you? The Gopro is a great idea if you’re looking to capture video or photos of your self, that’s what it was designed for after all. I recently purchased one before my road trip across America, and it was a convenient way for me to take pictures and video of my buddy and I in our adventures across all the great cities and wilderness areas we visited. The Gorpo allowed me to capture shots that I wouldn’t have been able to get (at least not so easily) using my traditional DSLR. The small size of the Gopro makes it convenient and discrete to carry around, and the camera is great in both daylight and low light. The biggest draw back was the semi-fixed focal length, so you have to make sure your subject is close to the camera to get a good shot. It’s also really tough if not impossible to take good scenery shots with the GoPro because the wide lens makes everything in the distance look really tiny. On the plus side the built in LCD, wi-fi connectivity with smart phone/tablets, and the ProTune options really make this camera a powerhouse. Watch the video to see my in depth review of the Gopro Hero 4.

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